jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

Fiesta de Navidad Hetaliana XD

Sí, estoy viendo Hetalia, y me fascina. Me he encontrado con esto:

Hetalia - Christmas Party by sofipiggy
Your name
Represent a country?
The party is at this person's houseCanada (pobre!)
You get invited byChina (PANDA!)
Arrives firstDenmark
You go withHungary (Jeje las amiguis XD)
Greets you with a kissSeychelles (y tú quién eres? o.o)
You get a present fromAmerica (LINDOOO!)
Gives you a special giftPrussia
Which was a:A maid outfit! (the kinky kind)
Did you like it? (si me lo hubiera regalado Austria otro cantar sería...)
Was singing Christmas carolsEveryone! :D (YEI! Amo los villancicos!)
Cooked the foodEngland (Enjoy the cuisine) (BLEGH!)
Okay. Who brought the alcohol!?England (almenos el chupe es bueno)
Got roaring drunkPoland
So he/sheStarted to dance on top of the table (¡qué se caiga! ¡qué se caig-CUAZ!- YEEEIII!)
So this person beat them up for thatSweden
This person sits by you at the couchAustria (O////O)
And he/she starts toHug you (O//////O)
Did you like it?
Mistletoe! You get to kissEngland >
Got to put the star on topLiechtenstein (kawaii~)
Party's over. How much did you have fun?
When you left, this person walks up to youChina (PANDAAA!!!)
And...Hangs on to your leg keeping you from leaving (OK quédate, pero con el PANDAAA)

Lindo jejeje n.n

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